Vaginal Speculum

STERIL Vaginal Speculum is designed as a diagnostic tool for the female genitals. 
  • Based on the model of the Cusco vaginal speculum.
  • Made from PVC Medical Grade and DEHP Free raw material. Clarity of the plastic provides excellent refractive lighting to ensure clear visualization of the cervix.
  • Meticulous attention is paid to the blades of the speculums which are shaped using electronic cutting technology for smoother edges so that they can be introduced into the vagina with minimum discomfort.
  • Precise joint fit prevents sliding of one blade over the other during use and prevents breakage of blades (passed rigorous Stress Tests). Sliding screw do not fall off easily giving paramedics a firm lock for ease in carrying out lengthy procedures.
  • The surface has a dry-coating system which activates lubrication upon contact with bodily fluids.

Product codes and sizes:

  • ORS12 00 01 - Vaginal Speculum Large
  • ORS12 00 02 - Vaginal Speculum Medium
  • ORS12 00 03 - Vaginal Speculum Small
  • ORS12 00 04 - Vaginal Speculum Extra Small
Size XS S M L
Color Code Green White Blue Oange