Surgical Drape

STERIL Surgical Drape is sterile and is designed to substitute linen drapes in isolating a targeted area during procedures.

  • Made up 3 layers :
    • Top and bottom layer : non-woven Polypropylene fibres, fluid control layer, smooth patient comfort layer, and fluid repellent for adequate protection.
    • Middle layer: impermeable membrane.
  • Made from Kimberly Clark’s surgical nonwoven elastic material that low-linting, fluid-repellent and drapable.
  • Choices available:
    • Surgical Drape Plain: used to cover patient’s body.
    • Aperture Drape: designed with an opening in the middle (circle or oval) equipped with adhesive on the edges to prevent shifting of the drape during procedure.
    • Opthalmic Drape: used for eye surgery, designed with openings and adhesives to keep the patient’s eyes open during surgery. Also equipped with a bag which is attached near the opening that may be used to contain fluids.

Product codes and sizes:

  • DOR10 01 01 - Surgical Drape Minor Surgery 80.80cm (plain)
  • DOR10 01 02 - Surgical Drape Minor Surgery 75.100cm (plain)
  • DOR10 01 04 - Surgical Drape Minor Surgery 100.150cm (plain)