Scrub Brush

STERIL Scrub Brush is used to clean the arms, hand, fingers and nails before surgery.

  • Comprises of two parts: polyurethane (sponge) side for the application of soap and soft brush bristles on the opposite side.
  • Bristles are designed to effectively reach between the fingers for a thorough wash.
  • The smoothness of the bristle brush prevents skin irritation even after multiple use
  • 3 types of available scrub brushes:
    • Plain scrub brush: may be used in conjunction with disinfectant soap of choice as required by paramedics.
    • Scrub brush with CHG 4%: sterile packed with disinfectant Chlorhexidine Glucanate.
    • Scrub brush with PVP-I 7.5%: sterile packed with liquid antiseptic Iodine.

Product codes and types:

  • ORS18 00 01 - Scrub Brush Plain
  • OR18 10 03 – Scrub Brush Chlores
  • OR18 10 04 – Scrub Brush PVP