Cervical Brush & Cytology Pap Set

STERIL Cervical Brush is designed for taking a Pap cytological smear.

  • The shape of the brush (with a central section) allows ease for specimens to be taken from both the fornix and endocervix.
  • The brush bristles are flattened to obtain a good cervical scrapping but are soft enough not to cause undue trauma to the cervix.
  • White coloured bristles for a clear visual on whether a proper smear has been taken.
  • May be purchased together as STERIL Cytology Pap Set which comprises of cervical brush, cyto brush, cell transporter and instructions printed on the packaging.

Product codes and types:

  • ORS40 20 00 NSS - Cervical Brush (non sterile single pack)
  • ORS40 20 00 SS - Cervical Brush (sterile single pack)
  • ORS40 00 00 - Cytology Pap Set