Nelaton Catheter

STERIL Nelaton Catheter is a urethral catheter.

  • Made from Medical Grade PVC coated with satin for a smoother surface to ensure a more effective suction of residue without causing trauma to the mucosa of the urinary tract.
  • Designed with a closed tip with opposing eyes (cut using Electronic Cutting Technology to remove residual burrs )
  • Computerized extrusion ensures that every catheter produced conforms to international standards in terms of flexibility, external diameter and size of the lumen.
    • Patented unique cap design which incorporates a detachable cap that can be used to interrupt urine flow anytime during catheterization.

Product codes and sizes:

  • EUR18 20 08 - Neflaton Catheter  CH8 (for children)
  • EUR18 20 10 - Neflaton Catheter  CH10 (for children)
  • EUR18 20 12 - Neflaton Catheter  CH12 (for teenagers)
  • EUR18 20 14 - Neflaton Catheter CH14  (for adults)
  • EUR18 20 16 - Neflaton Catheter CH16 (for adults)
  • EUR18 20 18 - Neflaton Catheter CH18 (for adults)