Infant Feeding Tube

STERIL Infant Feeding Tube is used for feeding sick and premature babies, for the administration of nutrition, fluids or medications.

  • Made from Medical Grade PVC which is DEHP free, flexible so that it will not injure the infant's oesophageal and stomach mucosa but sturdy enough to prevent tube from kinking during insertion.
  • Rounded, closed tip with two opposing eyes with Barium Sulphate blue line along the entire length of the tube that is detectable by X-ray to ensure proper positioning inside the infant’s body. Markings are also available at 10mm intervals from tip up to 20cm length.
  • The end of the tube is designed with a cap to prevent germs/bacteria contamination and to avoid fluids from escaping the stomach through the tube.

Product codes and sizes:

  • EUR16 50 04 -Infant Feeding Tube CH4
  • EUR16 50 05 - Infant Feeding Tube CH5
  • EUR16 50 06 - Infant Feeding Tube CH6
  • EUR16 50 08 - Infant Feeding Tube CH8
  • EUR16 50 10 - Infant Feeding Tube CH10